I've setup this site to play with web technologies like HTML 5, CSS, and jQuery (around 2012)

The intent here is for me to learn how to write code for the web.

I'm not even talking about web applications, just static websites. I will have to connect the dots between what I learn in this journey to what I already know about web development and programming in general.

I took my first web development class about 12 years ago and much has changed since then. Ever since then, I've been mostly working with windows applications. The windows applications contain many of the same things that web applications contain once you get past the UI. However, I've noticed that UI is one of the biggest and most challenging aspects of web applications. For starters, you now have to know many different technologies just to produce a standard website - like CSS, Jquery, Ajax, Json, Javascript. Since that time many technologies have changed to include the following:

  • Went from HTML 4.0 to XHTML
  • XML had a big boom and then shrunk back down
  • Writing dynamic pages no longer means CGIs
  • or Java Applets
  • Microsoft upgraded from classic ASP wih VB Script to ASP.net and Web forms and finally to MVC
  • Let's not forget the big movement of ActiveX objects for rich web apps
  • Or Silverlight to replace Flash
  • I won't say much about Java... because I'm a windows developer
  • Now we are moving to HTML 5
  • There has been a big Renaissance of JavaScript
  • CSS, JQuery, AJAX, and HTML 5 have changed and continue to change web development landscape

Seeing as how all development is moving to the web. It's time to get serious and begin writing web applications. To do that, I must first step down and learn the basics (again).The basics, these days, means HTML, CSS, JQuery and a little JavaScript. That is what this site is all about. Sorry no dynamic content here. Not even a board to sign. However, you can get in contact with me at@fernandozamoraj, if you would like to drop me a line.

One thing about this site is that you can learn along with me. I also plan to post everything I practice and learn along the way here. That way you can come and learn with me now (now could mean in the future since I plan to leave this site up for some time to come).

I'll warn you that this site will not be the prettiest but it will be quite useful. I will fill it with everything from blog posts entries to html resources. Everything I learn along the way, will be here or will tell you where to get it. I also plan to post the entire website with all its content on the web, so that you can take it apart however you want. Oh and don't worry, even if I put it on github or something other public version control system, I will make sure that the only thing you have to download is the zip file with all the contents.

Thank you for visiting my personal web playground. I invite you read my blog post at codematterings.com and also fernandozamorajimenez.blogspot.com.